EFP Presents : Sci-Fi Music Tribute : The Reboot


Music in the Sci-Fi World has given a Great list of great
Music that has Stand The Test of Time and a great List of
some of The Best Composers That Has Left Their Mark in World of Sci-Fi.

Elite Force Podcast Presents To You The 9th ever Tribute to Sci-Fi Composers of Film and TV
however this Time around we press the Big Red Reboot button (Don’t Worrie This is a Good Reboot)

It’s Time for The Elite Force Podcast Sci-Fi Music Tribute

On This Episode: (May 16th 2016)
Walkie give Tribute to the Composers That Composes Music to These Film and TV Shows
.Avengers: Age of Ultron
.Power Rangers
.Tron: Legacy
.2001: A Space Odyssey
.Star Trek: The Motion Picture
.Star Wars: The Force Awakens
.The Terminator
.Doctor Who
.Captain America: The First Avenger

So Enjoy as we Pay Tribute to the Composers that Give
Life To Great Sci-Fi Music That We Love

EFP_Sci-Fi Music Show_pod

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