EFP Presents: The Sci-Fi/Horror Connection VI


It’s Halloween and The Elite Force Podcast is Ready
to Trick-or-Treat as Walkie, Mindwipe and Ashley
go over Hollywoods 2 Great Genres(Science fiction and Horror)
and its Great Connection but watch out for the facehuggers

EFP Presents The Sci-Fi/Horror Connection VI

On This Episode (October 31st 2014)
.This Years Sci-Fi/Horror Connection The 3
Ghoulish Dudes Take a look at the Alien Franchise
Starting From The Movies from the Good ones The ok One and
even the bad one (guess witch one) and also look at the recent
in Prometheus.
.also They look at the Gaming side of the Franchise but more a
look at Aliens: Colonial Marines and Alien Isolation

all This on This Xeno Filled Sci-Fi/Horror Connection VI on The
Elite Force Podcast


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