5/12/14 – Power Rangers Reboot


A Power Rangers Movie is Coming.
but also getting a Reboot.
Aye yai yai.

The Elite Force Podcast is Back as
Walkie is Joined by Mr. Money on the Mic Jeff Jackson
Who Filled in for Mindwipe as they Take on all things Sci-Fi.

On This Episode:
.Power Rangers to Get an Official Movie by Lionsgate!
.Star Trek 3 now has a ‘frontrunner’ for the director’s chair
.Rumor of the Day: Harrison Ford a co-lead in Star Wars VII
.Disney: Cap Won’t be Moving for Batman Vs Superman!
.Walkie Read somes E-mails thats was Saved from Last Week from
The Canadian Barbarian Chris Husk and Admral Q

It’s Morphin Time on this The Weekend EFP


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