4/7/13 – The Bells of Akhaten


Bowties are Cool. The Elite Force Podcast Enters
Into The Tardis For Doctor Who Month as Who is
Back. But Watch out for The Daleks

The Weekend Elite Force Podcast Is Back

Stories covered this week

.Walkie and Mindwipe Review DW: “The Bells of Saint John”
.David Tennant & Billie Piper Return for 50th
.Disney shutters LucasArts
.a G.I. Joe/Transformers crossover movie could actually happen
.Mindwipe Reviews DW: “The Rings of Akhaten”
.A Special Comment
.Walkie and Mindwipe Reads E-mails from Cap. W and Paul Rasmussen

Watch Out for The Bells on the Weekend EFP

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