12/2/12 – It Doesn’t Matter


Another Weekend is here and Walkie
and Mindwipe returned to Lay the Smack
Down on the Morons of SyFy..And That
JJ Who Guy

Amongst This Episode Discussions

.Official Synopsis For Star Trek Into Darkness Revealed
.An X-Men Return: Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen Are Back
.A Review of the 7th Issuse of The Doctor Who/Star Trek TNG
Crossover Comic
.Walkie Talk about Some things from The new Issuse of Star
Trek Ongoing Comic that Left both Hosts Sick
.Walkie and Mindwipe Review Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome
and How The Morons of Syfy could messs This Up
.Walkie Loses his mind about The Upcoming 20th anniversary
of Syfy
.The Hosts Reads a E-mail from The Canadian Barbarian
Chris Husk

It Doesn’t Matter When The Weekend Elite Force Podcast

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