4/1/2010 – The Sci-fi/Horror Connection


Hollywoods 2 Great Genres (Science fiction and Horror) has Has a Great Connection with a
List of some of the Great Movies of All Time and Thoes that is Just Bad it is not Funny
and Joing Walkie in this Ride are Neal , John and Troy From Without Your Head Horror Radio
and as The 4 Ghoulish Dudes go over these Franchises that has the Sci-fi/Horror Connection
.The Alien Series
.Alien vs. Predator Movies
.Hellraiser Bloodline
.Dracula 3000
.Jason X
.Star Trek: First Contact
.Doctor Who (The Impossible Planet” “The Satan Pit”)

Also The Gang Goes over the Fav (and Bad) Video games of the Genres and One Sci-Fi Board game that made one
Drop what he was doing and Start Playing :>)
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